Welcome to Pure Energy Gymnastics

Team Try-Out Results

2014 Tumbling Team Results:

Torque:      ***Mandatory Parent Meeting Sept. 9th @ 6:30 pm***

Deegan Gonzales                                                                             Lizzette Prescott

Maddy Shetler                                                                                  Riley Jensen

Noelani Trelles                                                                                  Chanel Chandler

Anders Sheffield                                                                              Kylah Anderson

Laynee Williams                                                                                Holden Southwick

Kinsey Smith                                                                                      Chloe Chandler



Extreme Chaos:   ***Optional Tumbling Class Tues. @ 4:30 (Additional $20/month)***

Angela Thill                                                                                         Laynee Jensen

Lauren Dugan                                                                                    Katelyn Eacker

Avery Flikkema                                                                                 Jordyn Young

Brielle Sorenson                                                                               Lane Southwick

Jasmine Tipps                                                                                    Mackenzie Sturgeon

Desirae Fear



Chaos:   ***Optional Tumbling Class Tues. @ 4:30 (Additional $20/month)***

Vicky Paulin                                                                                        Ami Trevino

Lacie Hoyer                                                                                         Mickael Twithchell

Sophia Megargle                                                                              Jaylene Ayala

Brytnee Cooley



2014 Cheer Team Results:



Alexia Featherston



Desirae Fear

Tatiana Chacon

Sophia Megargle

Nakayla Thornton

Nayeli Morales



Leyla Coffin





Pure Energy was established in 2007.

We are a non-competitive facility, that specializes in recreational gymnastics and cheer.  We have Performance Teams that are showcased all over the Magic Valley.  We offer classes for kids from ages 2 and up.
Our goal is to teach basic skills and fundamentals to help young athletes become the champions of tomorrow.  We stress the importance of teamwork, hard work, and dedication, in a fun filled environment.